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how long does the process take?

The majority of the time spent is on the development of the vehicle graphics design concept. The length of this depends directly on how much direction and input you provide as well as your response time. However, we can have concepts to you in just a few days. After the graphic stage is finalized, we enter production. This takes a few days. We print and let the media used dry. We then laminate followed by cutting. Then we move to the final stage, installation. This will take between 3-5 days depending on graphic size, vehicle type and, of course, scheduling.

how much will a wrap cost? 

Every project has its own set of variables. Pricing is directly linked with coverage, vehicle style and types of vinyl used. 

Usually a wrap on a mid-sized car will average $3500-$4500.  If you'd like an accurate quote, please contact us via email of 503.234.0043.  We are not the cheapest shop, but you will get what you pay for in this industry.  We have been wrapping vehicles since 2000, so we know what we're doing.  Don't make your decision on price only.  Make your based on experience, quality and reputation.

what can be wrapped?

Pretty much anything that vinyl will stick to!  We have wrapped tons of various sized vehicles plus walls, windows, building exteriors, storefronts and large machinery.


Generally, a wrap will stay in good condition for about 3-5 years if it's properly maintained.  The wrap vinyl we use is engineered to last 5-7 years on vertical applications.  (Manufacturers reduce the lifespan of vinyl on horizontal applications.). Hand washing of the vehicle on a regular basis and avoiding pressure washers and automated car washers will help the wrap last as long as possible.

are wraps removable?

Yes they are.  The vinyls are engineered to be removed easily and cleanly within the manufacturer's warranted lifespan.  We offer wrap removal services and pricing is based on how long the wrap has been, the type of material used and what parts will need to be removed.

is there a warranty on a wrap?

We warranty our installation on vehicles (ie. any vehicle with wheels) for 3 years.  In order for the wrap eligible for warranty, the vehicle must come back to Kolor Werx in 15-30 days for a post wrap-inspection.  The vinyl manufacturers have their own warranties against material defects for a specific time as well.  A copy of their warranty information can be provided upon request.

do you help with wrap design?

Of course!  At Kolor Werx, we pride ourselves in designing wraps and logos for our clients.  We can help create a brand and a look that will ensure that your company stands out to your target audience.  There is a design fee in order to get in our design schedule.  Once the design is finalized, that fee will be applied to the cost of the wrap.  

what are your payment terms?

In order to be placed on our schedule, we require 50% down and the rest of payment is due when vehicle is to be picked up.  We accept checks and all major credit cards.  Down payments and design fees are non-refundable. Payment terms can be arranged with prior approval and credit check.

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