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But it's not rocket science. Installation can make or break a wrap. It first takes using the proper materials, then it takes having years of experience to do it properly. Knowing what the film can and can't do helps too. Also, using a cast wrap film by a reputable manufacturer will help your new wrap last years instead of months.

The photo shows a very bad installation. First: Everything is crooked. From the logos on the doors to the lettering on the partial wrap. Second: The application of the graphics wasn't done correctly. Notice that how the vinyl is lifting on most of the body lines. Either the film is not a cast wrap film or the installer didn't apply the graphics correctly, making sure to work the film into the body lines or by even using an adhesion promoter to keep the vinyl down better.

The combination of possibly using the wrong materials, to not having the skills to apply the graphics correctly can definitely shed a bad light on the shop that produced and installed the wrap. And the worst part; the company that paid for the wrap did NOT get their money's worth. To see a wrap like this driving down the road really upsets me. It's probably due to a graphic salesperson telling the client that "wraps don't last forever" or they just took the money and ran or they just weren't educated enough to do the job right. Either way, this is not how wraps should look and we believe that when a client spends money on a wrap, it should NOT look like this. That is why we use all the proper materials and installation techniques, so you'll be assured a quality, long lasting wrap.

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